LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/19/2017


I – The Magician.

The letter ruling today presents us with multiple skills. We will be fitted with an extra-physical force to dominate our gifts. Using our power of communication and learning ability to perform seemingly impossible goals, where our creative principles and diligence will provide the ability to implement and awareness of our own potential. However, as easily can develop a wonder and pride cause a damaging perception of reality. Be aware!

Image: Digital Art by IcedWingsArt.


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/18/2017


0 – The Fool.

The letter ruling today speaks of the experience to overcome the limits of discovery, spontaneity, unconcern, impulsivity, unconsciousness, alienation. Enjoy the moments of intuitive and casual, without plans, in whole feeling the freedom of expression and feelings. Probably we will start new beginnings or attitudes towards oneself or in a specific situation. Freedom for all!

Image: Digital Art by Leslie Casilli.



LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/17/2017


The Nine of Pentacles.

The letter ruling today provides us with the culmination of our efforts and the reward finally find available, giving us confidence to go into new ventures and expand our triumph. It will be a perfect day for an accurate perception of what was achieved and the assessment of future target. However, self-confidence should not mean an attitude centralizing and lonely, as would result in a live dull and unmotivated. Be prosperous and generous!

Image: Tarot Illuminati.


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/16/2017


XII – The Hanged Man.

The letter ruling today speaks of self-sacrifice in an attempt to reverse situations, because there are different viewpoints. We are under the control of the trial of our own consciousness, carrying guilt for some bizarre situations, but relieved by the attitude of self-martyrdom, giving up something in order to achieve a concrete goal, a pardon interior, a lighting. Do not forget that there are independent evolution of sacrifice! Meditate and understand how they need to evolve, but without martyrdom. Lighting to all!

Image: Digital Art by Cl3verduck.


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/15/2017


The Seven of Wands.

The letter ruling today presents us with all the energy and momentum needed to overcome our obstacles and advance our goals. It will be a perfect day to master our own destiny and not let outside influences weaken or overshadow pessimistic in our discernment. However, we must be careful not to succumb to fear and become powerless over our doubts. Be brave and go beyond your own conscience!

Image: Shadowscapes Tarot.


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/14/2017


The Four of Wands.

The letter ruling today indicates the approach of the happiest and serene moments, which will probably fortunate events and enriching experience. The pressure relief psychosomatic that surrounds us, finally favors the celebration of our achievements. Find appropriate solutions and make important partnerships in this day of work and friendly celebration. Enjoy the sense of cooperativeness and harmony that is upon us!

Image: Tarot Illuminati.


LETTER OF THE DAY ☼ 11/13/2017


XVIII – The Moon.

The letter ruling today symbolizes the instinctual intellect, the ability of foresight and critical periods. Warns us that we must be prepared for continuing enigma that surrounds our lives, the mystery behind that determines our choices and we rarely recognize it. We must raise awareness to the truth and be careful with the fantasies that we can forward to wrong paths and focus on our goals. Therefore, to seize the propitious moment for reflection face fear with courage!

Image: Witches Tarot.