LETTER OF THE DAY ✩ 09.25.2017


The King of Pentacles.

The letter of the day imbues us with magnetism, dexterity, argument and persuasion for each desired goal. We will be provided with a special ability to manage people and situations, favoring the achievement of excellent agreements and negotiations. It will be a day for exercise experience along our path, ensuring security and stability in our planning and responsible attitude. However, beware of pride and self-centeredness. Be bold and generous!

Image: The Gentry Smith Tarot.


LETTER OF THE DAY ✩ 09.24.2017


The Ace of Swords.

The regent card of this day gives us a moment of action and clarity. If there is something we need to externalize, like a concept, an unpleasant reality, a moment of reflection and judgment or decision-making, it can now be revealed! It is a time to believe in yourself and not doubt your reasons, motivations or intentions, because the quick action is crucial to the achievement of our goals. Face it with logic, leaving aside your emotional charge, full of bitterness and disappointments of the past, because only then can we honestly follow our destiny. Be brave and upright, because the law of return applies to everyone!

Image: The Urban Tarot.


LETTER OF THE DAY ✩ 09.23.2017


V – The Pope.

The letter speaks today of the ruling power of our quintessence. A day to administer our spiritual knowledge with judgment in favor of our achievements, but taking care not to be intransigent. Our true intentions will be under the control of greed hidden, which can generate a selfish tendency in the decisions. However, there is the eloquence and recognition for their work and experience. Be merciful to others, not requiring that offer more than they can!

Image: The Labyrinth Tarot.


LETTER OF THE DAY ✩ 09.22.2017


The Two of Cups.

The letter ruling today connects us with the most emotional and sensitive portion of our being, grant us the power to create harmony and partnership agreements in our lives, contributing to the amorous conquest. The balance between the emotions and thoughts awaken the transformative power of love, which by its nature attracts magnetically and turns two to one. We will be endowed with the ability to appease, adjust and stabilize situations, people and feelings. Be generous!

Image: Witches Tarot.


LETTER OF THE DAY ✩ 09.21.2017


XIII – The Death.

The letter ruling today shows that major changes can happen by changing our attitudes and condition in relation to people or situations. It is a day where the horizon appear the near future and will change our consciousness. Remember that changes are always good because they allow new possibilities to come. Adaptation to all!

Image: Digital Art by Anne Stokes.


LETTER OF THE DAY ✩ 09.20.2017


XV – The Devil.

The letter ruling today announces the material realization, the ambition of something larger and even a compulsive obsession for wealth or carnal desires. We need to better understand our restrictions, making an introspection to discover and better understand our fears and concerns. It is important to understand that we do not need to continue clinging to a self-centered and simplistic view of the world around us and live according to what others think should be. Do not act against his principles and ideals, even if it is being influenced by an acquaintance. Ignoring this caution could result in the emergence of situations that trap and generate dependency. However, enjoy the influence and seduction that will be available with insight and self-control. Be disciplined!

Image: The Steampunk Tarot.


LETTER OF THE DAY ✩ 09.19.2017


The Eight of Pentacles.

The letter ruling today presents us with determination in our work, providing the potential of overcoming obstacles to the concreteness of our goal. The ability to concentrate will allow us to perform a perfectionist about everything we did, allowing a divine connection that leads to evolution. Good job to all!

Image: Art by Tinycog.